Benign neglect

I’ve shamefully neglected this blog over the summer, which I rather regret, since there has been a lot going on which I could and should have written about, like the war in Libya, the News International phone-hacking scandal, the massacre in Norway, the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, the US debt-ceiling stand-off and, just this week, the rioting in London and other English cities.

I suppose that the world has managed to scrape by without the benefit of my opinions for a couple of months; anyone who has read this blog for more than five minutes could probably guess what my take on these events would have been anyhow.

What have I been doing instead? Well, as I’ve alluded to previously, I’ve been working on another writing project, one with somewhat greater pretensions to serious literary merit than the idle musings that make up my output in this space. I’m pretty excited about it at the moment, but, if past experience is any guide, my interest will wane soon enough, when I remember that proper writing is actually quite hard work, and I am far too lazy to keep it up for any length of time.

I expect that things will stay quiet here for the next month or so, and after that it’ll be back to the usual diet of lightweight psychological, cultural and political commentary, leavened with a little whimsical nostalgia. I have managed to read a few books over the holidays, so I may throw in a couple of reviews too, we’ll see.

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