Voodoo Chile

Actually, my magic powers may be stronger than I thought – I implored the Lords of the Netherworld to curse Sarah Palin with humiliating inarticulacy, and, judging by the Katie Couric interview, they granted my wish.

Seriously though, CBS News is primetime viewing right? Watched by millions of voters? You have to believe that Palin has sunk the ticket by giving an interview that wouldn’t get her a gig as a – well, insert your choice of menial job here, I don’t want to offend anyone by suggesting that their honest labour is on a par with something this woman would be qualified for.

Tina Fey was very funny on SNL this week, but really, Palin is beyond parody.

(No) Black Magic Woman

Apparently Sarah Palin has received a blessing that protects her from all forms of witchcraft.

Damn. That means that that chicken-sacrificing ritual I did was a complete waste of time.