Post-viral fatigue

So, I was looking at our traffic statistics today, and I noticed that this had happened last week:

That’s right, one of our posts had gone viral. Sort of. For a couple of days. How exciting! Unfortunately, the piece in question was this one, which is whiny and narcissistic, even by our standards. (Though if you ask me I will, of course, claim it was obviously meant ironically.) Also, all the extra traffic came via Plurk; it’s just about possible to imagine that someone was saying something nice about us, but probably not.

Anyway… another week, another list of Second Life blogs that we’re not on, this time over at New World Notes. I guess our omission can be rationally explained by reference to our obscurity, lack of recent SL content, and general rubbishness, but irrational theories are much more satisfying, so I can’t help suspecting that Hamlet is still pissed that we called him a Stalinist that time. (Though, now I’ve looked at it with eyes unclouded by paranoid jealousy, I see that this is actually a list of those blogs which fell outside the top ten, which Hamlet is going to reveal next week, so we might yet make it. If so, please disregard the above.)

Four more years

So Obama won fairly comfortably in the end, though Romney turned out to be a much better candidate than I had expected, especially after he quietly dumped most of the wingnut baggage he had been obliged to pick up to get through the primaries.

It’ll be interesting to see what lessons Republicans learn from this defeat, and their failure to dent Democrat control of the Senate, which was at least partly thanks to the blunders of Tea Party favourites Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. The obvious, sensible, conclusion would be that they have to move towards the centre, but that’s the obvious, sensible conclusion they have repeatedly failed to appreciate in the last four years.

Other results approving same-sex marriage and legalising marijuana made it a good night for the progressively-minded. Obama will probably end up disappointing us again, but let’s enjoy this while it lasts.

Another message to my friends in the US of A

I haven’t written as much about the US Presidential race as I did back in 2008, even though, or perhaps because, it has been much closer and more exciting this time around. The late polls seem to show Obama drawing ahead in the swing states, but just in case it does go to the wire, and the exclusive demographic of SLS readers proves to be the decisive factor, I’ll repeat my plea of four years ago:

[Thanks again to Matt Groening.]

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