Guess I’ll go eat worms

Second Life Shrink has been going for well over five years now, and in that time we’ve racked up nearly 400 posts. Our Second Life coverage may have waned a little recently, for one reason and another, but we do have an extensive archive of articles on the topic, and our pieces on SL demographics and SL addiction are still highly ranked on Google. We have a Facebook profile and a Twitter feed, not to mention our associated Tumblr and Pinterest sites. We featured in the last big survey of the SL-blogosphere, just outside the top 100.

So if you heard that someone had set out to compile a new list of SL-related blogs, and had managed to identify over two thousand examples of the genre, then you might think that we would be in there somewhere. Well, you would be wrong. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know why we bother…

4 Responses to Guess I’ll go eat worms

  1. riverpearl says:

    It looks like submission applications have to be filled out to make it on the list.

  2. evie says:

    riverpearl is correct. The only way we are made aware of blogs relating to SL is if the blog owner applies to Blogging Second Life or if someone links us to the blog. Unfortunately, in your case, you hadn’t applied before publishing this post. Cajsa has told me that you have now applied and are listed on the blog πŸ™‚

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