Greenies may have invaded some time ago, we hear

Until not very long ago, if you searched Google for “Second Life Shrink” you would find that this blog was in second place on the results list. I’m glad to say that we are now number one (or we were when I wrote this), having overtaken the previous leader, a 2007 post in the long-dead “Technochondria” blog entitled “Greenies invade Second Life; Avatars Shrink to Size of Mice!“.

The post reproduces a press release promoting the opening of the Greenies Home, a sim set up by Rezzable to showcase the then-revolutionary sculpted prim. It’s still on the go, so I decided to pay a visit to our now-vanquished rival, only two years after it opened. Don’t say we’re not topical here at SLS.

Teleporting in, you arrive atop an oversized table in the centre of a open-plan apartment. From there you can start exploring by wandering around the sitting room:


and the kitchen:


coming across little green men and various other creatures:


You get the idea – you’re small, things are big. Exploring is mildly diverting for a while, but everything is static, so it’s more like a novelty museum than a fun park. There are giant hamster balls that you can roll around in, but I couldn’t figure out how to control them before my attention span gave out.

Other attractions include a fairly hip looking performance space, and a shop selling a wide range of Greenie avatars. The doll house in the background above apparently doubles as a fashion boutique, though it was shut for restocking when I dropped by. You can also pick up a free “/me ❤ prim” t-shirt (a real life version of this is available too – this is apparently Rezzable’s new SL monetisation strategy).

The place was fairly crowded by SL standards, with about a dozen people milling about, so I sought out some peace in the garden, where there was, well, more big stuff, including this rather fine dragonfly-powered boat:


There are a few other things to see at Rezzable, like the Tunnel of Light, a trippy tea-cup ride through a psychedelic light show, which would probably be best experienced projected on to a wall in a darkened room, while stoned.


Then there’s the ominously-named Carnival of Doom:


Be careful on the carnival rides, or you might end up in a David Lynch-style Hell:


Finally, Crimson Shadow, the vampire clothing emporium, where I got my new boots.


Now I know where to get the vampire outfits, I might try getting into the Bloodlines craze…

2 Responses to Greenies may have invaded some time ago, we hear

  1. Vint says:

    Congratulations on your victory. Greenies are big-hearted, so decided not to fight over this spot! 😉 (Can we have “second life supersize”? ;))

  2. johnny4sls says:

    Well, since Olivia wrote that we have actually slipped down to third, with the Greenies back on top and Siggy Leominster’s plug for us in second. We forgot about the aliens’ super-advanced extra-terrestrial Google-warping technology.

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