On the campaign trail

After her unexpected victory in New Hampshire I was inspired to visit Hillary’s Second Life campaign headquarters:


There wasn’t a lot going on, but I did pick up a campaign T-shirt, and a “Hillary” yard sign.

I tried to find Obama’s HQ too, but, despite his supposed appeal to youth, he doesn’t seem to have an SL presence.

I’m leaning towards Hillary for the nomination, not because I’m particularly enthralled by her platform (Mike Gravel has the best policies), but because I like her personal qualities, particularly the way she has stood up to years of vilification in the US media and still come out fighting. All the mainstream candidates are hopelessly compromised by their reliance on special interests for campaign funds, but Hillary seems to be the most focussed on some sort of personal vision of what the country should look like, and as such I think she would make the least worst President, of the candidates that are likely to get elected.

It’s all academic anyway, since, like most of the world’s population, I don’t have a vote, even though the outcome of the poll in November will affect my life in a lot of important ways. All the US citizens I have known over the years have been pretty sensible, so I guess I can trust them to make the right decision. Mind you, I thought that 4 years ago…

One Response to On the campaign trail

  1. Tarissa Tripsa says:

    A few weeks or even months ago I actually was on a Obama parcel/sim. Video, information and freebies were offered. It should still be out there somewhere…It called itself “official”.

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