All change

I’m not sure how I feel about the Republican ticket now; I swing between conviction that McCain/Palin have no hope of election, and a horrible, gnawing fear that they might just pull it off.

The GOP strategists have obviously figured out that “experience” and “continuity” are not themes that are going to win many votes at a time when the country looks as if it is headed straight to economic hell, so they have decided to vie with the Democratics for the mantle of “change”. Suddenly McCain is a “maverick” again, ready to storm Washington and kick out the special interests, gun-toting God-fearing Everywoman Palin by his side.

The gap between the Republican propaganda and reality is surely too wide for even the best advertising to bridge. McCain’s campaign is run by lobbyists. He has supported Bush on practically every issue of importance in the last eight years. Palin, supposed scourge of the earmark, hired teams of lobbyists to gouge Federal dollars for her small town when she was mayor, and as Governer has continued gorging in the Washington pork-barrel.

There can be no way that they will get away with this flagrant reinvention of history, can there? All Obama has to do is point out the facts, right? The US electorate knows when it’s being lied to, doesn’t it?

But Obama and McCain are neck and neck in the national polls, it’s too close to call in the swing states, and the Republican base is looking more energised than it has done in months. They’re beginning to believe that they can win this thing. I can only hope that their judgement on that is as poor as it is on everything else.

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