Unclear politics

Apologies for linking to Real Clear Politics in my last post; I though it was a left-leaning site, or at least neutral, because the Guardian has a link to the RCP poll aggregator on its US politics page.

I discovered my mistake when I read this post on the site, via Annsnewfriend’s Weblog (which, I hasten to add, I visited purely randomly while tag surfing). RCP’s Republican sympathies are embarrassingly obvious if one even glances at the homepage – they link to a Bill Kristol column today – which once again proves that posting while tired/drunk/stoned is inadvisable.

I toyed with the idea of changing the link to some other poll site, but I had a feeling that that would be dishonest, though of course no one would have noticed.

Readers will have noticed a veritable tsunami of posts recently, which is partly due to my reawakened interest in US politics, what with the election, and the financial meltdown and everything, but mainly because I have had a bit more free time recently, and it’s been raining a lot. I’ve even managed to sneak in a reference or two to Second Life. I doubt that I’ll be able to keep up this pace, but I’ll try.

One Response to Unclear politics

  1. I don’t think they’ll forgive you — ever — so you might as well stop sniveling and kissing up.

    Glad that Ann’s New Friend could help you figure something out, though. So, now you can put your brain back in the box again.

    God forbid you should be exposed to “other” ideas! Scary Republican ideas! Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!

    Cheers from Ann’s New Friend

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