Incomplete hints of impossible marvels

One of my favourite places in SL used to be Innsmouth in October Country, a run-down coastal town with more than a few hidden secrets. Sadly, it disappeared some time ago, to be replaced, last time I looked, by an anonymous marina.

Now Innsmouth has been resurrected, though it’s looking even more dilapidated and spooky than it used to:

The whole place seems deserted, though the lighthouse is still working:

But be careful – the town is not as empty as it seems, and a little exploration may turn up more than you really want to find…

One Response to Incomplete hints of impossible marvels

  1. johnny says:

    That warning goes for the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft in general. While his work has undoubtedly been hugely influential on horror fiction, the racist subtext of stories like “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is often not very subtle.

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