Virtual Epiphany

I spent the best part of the weekend reading about the Woodbury saga on various blogs, until late on Sunday night, half-way through a particularly dense screed, I had a sudden Moment of Clarity. “Why,” I asked myself, “am I wasting my time with this nonsense?”

The really sad thing is that I have a good idea what the answer to that question is, as a result of one of the other Second Life-related projects that I am squandering my limited intellectual capital on, the psychological profiling of the typical SL resident. (I have a rough draft of this ready, but it may be some time before I get round to working it up into anything coherent enough to post, assuming I don’t get distracted in the meantime.)

Anyway, to shake this SL fever I’m going to take a break from obsessing about virtual events for a while, and pay a bit more attention to real life, specifically the election. The country may be standing on the verge of the biggest political realignment in a generation, which I guess will probably be of more lasting interest than the ephemera of Second Life.

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