Living in Gangster Time

A rather curious comment arrived in the SLS inbox the other day, from someone who identifies himself as “gunmaker_guardian”. It opened with this charming salutation:

hey guyz πŸ™‚ its me πŸ™‚ both of u igniter and nicholas”mafia” are full of …

and carried on in the same vein for several hundred words.

Mr Guardian is not averse to blowing his own trumpet; among other exploits he claims to have:

fired my laser in THREE colors πŸ™‚ … broke a hackers world record of 20 million packets per second … used secondlife itself to launch a mail bomb if (sic) impossible proportions … [created] a self replicating nanoscopic black dot …

and so on.

Our intrepid internet warrior’s IP address resolves to Prescott, Arizona. Who knew such mayhem could lurk beneath the surface of this sleepy burg?

I’m guessing that this comment refers to one of those Second Life “Mafia Wars” that the Alphaville Herald is always writing about. I can’t imagine why our friend felt moved to share his thoughts on the matter with us though, unless it has something to do with that JLU piece we did a while back.

Anyway, I’ve deleted the offending epistle, since we try to aim for a slightly classier tone here at SLS, and I have no desire to get caught up in any of that griefer nonsense. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear of it.

Still, I dread, dread to think what the future will bring…

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