Waiting for Tuesday

Attentive readers may have noticed that I’ve fallen a bit behind with my promised daily updates on the UK political situation, but in my defence I’d point out that a) it’s been the weekend, with festive socialising to be done; and b) nothing much has changed on the Brexit front, unless you count the rumours of Theresa May having a cunning plan, which involves postponing the parliamentary vote until she has been back to Brussels to extract some major concessions from the EU, a scheme which would be harebrained even by the recent standards of British political life.

There may be something more to report tomorrow, though a significant change in the immediate outlook seems very unlikely. The government will almost certainly lose the vote on Tuesday, but after that it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. My feeling is that there will perhaps be less chaos than some are predicting; the ruling class in this country does have a history of cobbling together compromises when the alternative is complete disaster, so some sort of resolution will surely emerge. We’ll know soon enough.

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