Formal confusion

Avid readers of this column (that is me, and that guy in Japan, who is probably actually a computer program) will have noticed that I haven’t really decided what form these articles should take. I’m torn between the classic blog model, with daily updates on whatever happens to be passing through my mind, or something more akin to a newspaper column, well thought-out and researched, and appearing every week or so. Thus far I have been turning out a sorry hybrid of ramblings that are both infrequent and ill-considered.

Part of the problem is that I do have a fairly demanding real life, though with some more discipline I could probably increase my output a bit.

Anyway, there are two topics I could go for this week; the MySpace/Facebook class divide, and the addictiveness or otherwise of video games. I do want to do a bit more reading and thinking before coming up with an opinion though, so look out for something in a couple of days.

And what about the original Second Life project? That’s still stalled, until I get around to ordering the parts I need to upgrade my box. Then of course I’ll need to find time to fit them, and do a new Linux installation, and before I even start that I’ll have to do a long-overdue backup… Before the end of the summer is what I’m aiming for.

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