History is a random aggregation of opinion

ArminasX Saiman over at Second Effects has compiled a list of the top 585 Second Life-related blogs, and Second Life Shrink fails to appear anywhere on it. I know that this really shouldn’t annoy me – we’re way too cool to care about being on some lame list, obviously – but it is somewhat irksome to be told that our intellectual endeavour is less significant than a virtual hair blog. At least I’m not the only one who doubts the veracity of the rankings.

More positive feedback has come from the unlikely source of the Thoughts about notes* blog, whose author, the imaginatively-named “Blogga”, ripped off one of my posts in its entirety last week. I was alerted to this by Sheila Bastard, an Australian blogger who had one of her posts plagiarised too, and who is mightily pissed-off about it.

I can see where Sheila’s coming from, but I actually quite like the mash-up effect of Blogga’s creation. He or she is like the blogosphere personified, a mass of contradictory opinions that the author just can’t keep inside, despite the world’s indifference. I’d like to think that my post was carefully selected for inclusion in Blogga’s project, though I suspect it was probably plucked at random from an RSS feed in some automated process. He/she should keep going with this for a couple of months, then print the whole blog as a book; it would make interesting reading, a snapshot of the preoccupations of the blogging population at what might just turn out to be a pivotal moment in history.

3 Responses to History is a random aggregation of opinion

  1. LOL – that’s a nice stress-free way to look at it 🙂

  2. Relax… I too am not on the hallowed list of the top 585, many of which are either dead, dormant, or moribund. Of course, hair IS important to people and heaven forbid I would want to deprive them of the singular pleasure of popping out to buy a new prim-laden masterpiece of scripting.

    I think I may still be just above the Second Life Snail racing blog. Just.

  3. ArminasX says:

    Hiya – we’re redoing the list soon, and we’ll be sure to include your blog. The problem was that you kinda have to know of the blogs to put them on the list. And by chance I hadn’t heard of yours (apologies!) That’s part of the reason this list is being prepared – there isn’t really a comprehensive list anywhere of SL blogs. Many people have already been able to discover new blogs with the list. Cheers!

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