Fading Skylight

Looking back through the SLS archives, I noticed that I seemed to have spent a lot more time in Second Life last October than I managed this year. Back then I wandered around Burning Life for ages and took in several Halloween activities; this time around I haven’t been in-world for more than about ten minutes. The problem is that I never have time to sit down in front of my desktop computer these days, and, since I can get most of what I want from the internet via my phone anyway, I don’t often have the inclination either.

I, therefore, must be exactly the target audience for the browser-based interface the Lab is rumoured to be working on. I’m obviously no expert in this area, but I do wonder about the timing and economics of such a move. I imagine that server-side rendering would massively increase hardware and bandwidth costs, and would need a big leap in revenue-generating visitors to make it pay off. That might have been possible a couple of years ago when SL was still getting a lot of attention, but now, I’m not so sure.

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