Over-optimistic statement of intent

Well, that’s the soon-to-be-famous “Second Life Shrink” web log set up.

The plan is that this blog will form the basis of a book, or some other media phenomenon, that will allow me to retire from my day-job and make a living doing what I’m best at – aimlessly surfing the internet. How many other bloggers have that ambition? 99.99% I would guess, and for about 99.98% of them it remains a dream. I am almost certain to be among that number, since I am, it has to be said, a bit of a slacker. I thought up the idea for this about a month ago, and it has taken me this long to get round to start realising it, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

So what’s the gimmick, I hear you ask? Just this: psychoanalytically-informed commentary on online behaviour. Unoriginal I would have to admit, but obviously no-one who has done it before has has my sharp insight or dry wit, not to mention my understated modesty.

Anyway … my intention is (as the title suggests) to wander around the likes of Second Life and report back on what I find, enlightening readers with erudite comments on the interaction that occurs there.

Expect another entry in about two months, if my work rate online is anything like it is in real life.

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