Initial enthusiasm

Well, I was never going to wait two months to put up a new post, because it’s hard to be as indifferent as that towards a new project like this.

I spend far too much of my time looking at random blogs, and, like many before me, have noted that the average blogger starts off with great enthusiasm, before falling into silence after a few months. I have this theory that starting a blog is an experience that has much in common with unrequited love. At first it’s all that can be thought about, and hours are spent imagining the words that may be used to charm the object of affection. (To make this analogy stand up we have to imagine that the love-object in question is the blogosphere as a whole, and the response craved is favourable attention from the other inhabitants of this community). Then, as time passes, disenchantment with the lack of response sets in, along with painful awareness that all the process is doing is revealing the essential emptiness of life. Those whose ego-strength is sufficient to allow them to accept this are able to move on, and focus their attention on more achievable goals. However those who lack this ego-strength find their love turning into resentment and eventually hate, directed towards the love-object itself, or, more commonly, toward those forces that are perceived as preventing the desired consummation. In real life this latter process drives the obsessions of stalkers. Online though, it merely produces a whole lot of boring and bitter blog entries.

You’re not interested in this though. You want to hear stories about the things that go on the adult areas of Second Life, like 42 year old guys who get off on pretending to be hot lesbians. Well, I’m going to get to that, just as soon as I sort out a few technical difficulties.

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