Technical difficulties

I can’t get on to Second Life. Which, for someone who has read all about the easy money to be made on SL, and wants a piece of the action, is a major problem.

The issue is this: as a left-field, alternative, non-corporate kind of guy, I will of course have nothing to do with the evil monopoly that is Micro$oft, relying instead on my trusty old linux box, old being the operative word here. There is a linux client for SL, but it’s an alpha version at the moment, and I can’t get it to work. I probably need some new hardware too.

If I was really serious about this I would go out and buy a cheap windoze box just for this purpose, but, in line with my general half-assed approach to things, I’m going to try to get the linux solution working first.

In the meantime I’ll try writing about other internet phenomena, like Youtube, or Myspace, or specific blogs, or blogging in general maybe. Though three posts in seems a bit early to be getting all metatextual.

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