End of the dream

So it looks like Obama rather than Clinton for the Democratic nomination. I still think he’ll struggle against McCain, but we can only live in hope.

What about an Obama/Clinton ticket? It would make sense from the party point of view, since Hillary would bring in the votes that Obama needs – Hispanic, Asian-American, blue-collar. The fact that Hillary seems open to the idea speaks volumes for her, since her acceptance of the VP nomination would more or less guarantee an Obama presidency for 8 years, which would put paid to her own hopes of getting the top job. Without her his chances of success are much less, and if McCain does win then Hillary would be well placed to pick up the nomination in 4 years time, and with it the presidency, since another term of Republican misrule will surely render any GOP candidate unelectable.

But I can’t see such a dream ticket happening. Obama has made too much of the “change” theme to take up with a Washington insider like Clinton. My guess is he’ll go for Bill Richardson.

The next 5 months are going to be interesting…

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