Now we are three

On a slightly less gloomy note, today is our third birthday. I can honestly say that when I started this blog I never imagined that I would keep it going this long. I’m not entirely sure why I have; a combination of escapism and vanity I suppose. I’m sure that there’s some unconscious dread of mortality in there too, driving me to leave a trace of my existence, even if I am just one more pseudonymous scribbler in the vast ocean of irrelevance that is the blogosphere.

Anyway, to celebrate this auspicious date, I’ve decided to retire the rather dull blog theme (Andreas09) that I picked more or less at random back in 2007, and have been too lazy to change ever since, and go for something a little brighter.

3 Responses to Now we are three

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday!

  2. lubliana wylder says:

    As an sort of resident of that world called SL, I also thought of starting a blog and I run into yours! Love it! lots of smart insight and comments…Yes…this other world where we can scape and play from our own homes…keep it up…I have been doing my own research….and i find one interesting topic is the issue of dependency to others…why we seek it even in this other world, in the form of: marriage, being collared, attached, partened…and all of the other variants that can be used of being attached and dependent on another sl av…More to find out….not everybody…but a lot of people seek that. I’ll keep reading you.

    • johnny says:

      Thanks Lubliana, I’m glad you like it. You should definitely start blogging – I always say the most interesting thing about Second Life is reading about other residents’ thoughts and experiences.

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